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Laptop Cooling Stand

April 25, 2017

Laptop Cooling Stand

written by: Eric Canzano

When the world’s first laptop cooler — the Coolpad — came out, skeptics were everywhere. Did laptops really need an external cooler?

World's First Laptop Cooling Stand

But we’ve never been a fan of human meat, even if laptop-seared. Pant barbeques are still happening today — imagine in 2005 what it must have felt like pushing components that were not nearly as energy-efficient! Performance often meant cramming a desktop CPU and big components into solitary confinement and roasting them until the laptop shut off, or the fire department arrived. Throttling was a real problem.

Fortunately, tests like the one Tom’s Hardware performed with the Coolpad – where the lifespan of the laptop tripled before shutting down – helped remove any doubt about their worth.

Cooler Master would go on to dominate x% of the market and create over 100 models as the craze for workstations, ergonomics, and gaming laptops took off.