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Jyunwei Huang

December 30, 2016


I am always looking for ways to break through technical limitations and create a piece of art.

It wasn’t long until Jyunwei realized his love of video games and graphic design would lead to 3D design. In college, his late night gaming sessions were replaced with late nights locked away in classroom 411 learning 3D animation and Flash for group projects. “It was like a second home. That small, cramped little studio classroom. We spent so much time in there coding and designing… it reeked,” Jyunwei laughs.

A self-professed “tech nerd,” Jyunwei might have spent long hours honing his 3D design chops, but he has always found the inner workings of software and computers easy. And after knocking out one project after another in school, the sense of achievement was immense.

Powering 3D Animation

Jyunwei assembles and puts together all of his colleagues PCs, each one made specially to support 3D rendering and special effects composition at Studio 411. They are constructed around the massive storage, graphics and processing demands needed to reduce time during the 3D animation process. He prefers the performance of liquid cooling and chose the MasterLiquid Pro 240.

The MasterWatt Maker 1200 gives him a buffer for intensive rendering without worrying about surpassing the load. The MasterCase Maker 5 gives him the flexibility to upgrade his components quickly, something which Jyunwei often does. “When you’re in the thick of 3D designing, only you really know what you need to match your requirements.”

Real Power, Real Control

FreeForm Modular System

I believe that putting everything together yourself, and then watching your creation come to life is a very rewarding experience.