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John Huang

February 3, 2016

Stop-Motion Animator

I love creating my own stories and fight scenes. If I didn't, I would have stopped a long time ago.

Most people outgrow their imagination with time, but not John. Even after two smashed Nintendos, dissent from family and friends, and a stint in the military, John still found himself creating these scenes, growing beyond Gundam but remaining true to his roots. He drew his inspiration from characters in anime and gaming.

To bring his ideas to life, he painstakingly learned stop motion animation from scratch, with the internet his sole guide. John has the unique ability to “film” his photo sequences without any aid from automated equipment, marking or software. He does it entirely from memory. “I can do in 10 days what takes others three months to achieve. I learned the entire animation process and all of the post-production software on my own.”

Powering Stop-Motion

“At my workstation, I am constantly loading my PCs so parts wear out quickly. I need parts that can keep up with the demand while being able to quickly swap as I upgrade. As far as demand, 1200 watts on the MasterWatt is enough to cover whatever I put in my build. With swapping, you notice the time difference with a case that makes it really easy like the MasterCase.”

Be Bold in Your Pursuit of Cold

Real Power, Real Control

FreeForm Modular System

It's that feeling when it all comes together and you see it on the screen. You just feel extremely happy and want to do it again and again.