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International Gaming Festival

December 7, 2016

International Gaming Festival – Novisad, Serbia

Can you think of any event where you can play both modern and retro video games, visit a model aircraft exhibition, catch a movie, challenge your friends for a game of foosball, or kick back at a Lego lounge?

If you can, you’ve probably visited International Gaming Festival (IGF) in Novia Sad, Serbia this year during the summer. IGF is a festival with the quest to celebrate gaming and the gaming culture in the broadest sense.

Para Parachute

Novisad, home of exit, an internationall renowned music festival that attracts over 200,000 visitors from all over the world every summer.

This year the organization wanted to offer the visitors an alternative to sleeping in their tents under a scorching sun before dragging themselves back for another day of non-stop partying. The organizers of IGF wanted to show the culture of gaming to everyone and letting them know that anyone can enjoy have an amazing time when they play games, whether it being an old skool game of Pictionary, or a 5v5 Deathmatch.

Cooler Master joined the event to spread the gospel of case modding.

Of course we didn’t evangelize the word without a preacher, that’s why we brought along three of the best case modders in the world to help spread the passion and enjoyment that case modding is all about. We brought modder MegaSkot and his mod ‘Back to Nature’, Green Shield armory and their mod ‘Cyborg’ and modder NeSSa with his mod ‘Master X5’.

At our booth Megaskot,

Green shield and Nessa showed folks from all over the world first hand that PCs are far more than “those old boring-looking machines from the 90s”, and that you could actually have a computer worth being proud of. They showed what modding is all about during one of their many case modding and computer programming sessions which were open for the audience to join. During which our modding trinity took the time to talk about all of their prowess as a technological innovator, as well as the artistic and downright spiritual side of modding and self-expression.