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Spooktacular Mods

Tis the season to mod scary

Today is Halloween so we decided to show you some of the scariest mods we’ve seen this year. Let us know which ones you think are the scariest. If you have or know any other scary mods, please share them with us in the comments section.

Spooktacular Mods

This demonic work of art. (Trihexa 666 – Apocalypse Dragon by Kanishka Akalanka)

This throwback to Mastermind. (Mastermind by Soul-i-Doll)

This masterfully crafted gaming inspired build. (DOOM by Ken Byrnes)

This Brainiac inspired skull build. (Project Alien Skull by Maciel Barreto)

This homage to the Xenomorph. (Aliens by Szabó Balázs)

This eerily realistic skull topped mod. (artist and name unknown)

This Walking Dead inspired masterpiece. (The Walking Dead by Masbuskado)

This System Shock 2 nightmare. (SHODAN by Tomáš Měřínský)

This disturbingly realistic beaver themed mod. (Compubeaver by Kasey McMahon)

This anatomical display of the clown prince of crime’s entrails. (Joker by Maciel Barreto)

Honorable Mentions

This Ghost Rider inspired mod was almost scary but could have been epic with some effects to simulate the skeleton being on fire. (Skull Rider by Enrico Luperini)

This may not be a scary mod, but it’s the most Halloween one we’ve seen this year.

If you’d like to have your mods featured on our site, please create a worklog of your projects on our gallery page.