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Maker Made, Modding

Ermanno Bonandini

February 4, 2016


Ermanno’s passion for tinkering and building started at a young age. You could always find him in the garage, tuning car engines and motorbikes. After starting his career as a naval interior designer, he got in touch with different materials like steel and Murano glass, inspiring him to integrate them with his mods.

Cosmos Pure Black

In the following years, his creativity ran wild, leading to two 3rd place finishes in the Asus Gold Rush 2013 and our Case Mod World Series 2013 competitions.

His Black Dream mod won Bit-tech Mod of the Year in 2014, prompting Antony Leather to say..

“If there was a case mod that epitomised awesomeness, overkill and everything a case mod should be, The Black Dream would be on the list of contenders.”

Maker Made

Embracing a vision that every person’s PC should be unique, our made by makers accessories are the next step in a fundamental reimagining of our relationship with fans and supporters.

We realize people want to express themselves in all things they make and do. That’s why we’ve collaborated with industry veterans and case modding masters to bring custom made accessories – giving you greater choice and control over your components and case.

Professionally laser cut from acrylic