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Dilun Ho

February 6, 2016

VR Developer

Virtual reality can inspire and change people's lives.

There are two types of people in the tech world: those who believe that virtual reality (VR) is the future, and those who haven’t tried it yet.

Dilun Ho, a VR developer based in Taipei, is a believer. For as long as he can remember, Dilun wanted to escape the shackles of web development and become a game developer. After stumbling upon the Kickstarter campaign for Oculus Rift, his eyes were opened up to the possibilities of VR. “I was hooked and devoured any news online about it ever since,” he recalls.

Dilun soon got a developer kit and started programming in his spare time. “VR was the canvas that let me create anything at all. I knew right then and there that I had found my passion.”
Since then, he has been hard at work, creating demos and building programs that will provide the content necessary for VR to take off. His first app, Ziran, lets users experience a boat ride on calm water through nature. It received lots of positive ratings, featured at the Cooler Master booth in Computex and was even used in universities classrooms and lectures to showcase VR. This success led Dilun to create his own VR startup company, HyperBot Studio, consisting of an international group of designers and artists.

Lyra – Play with your music

Dilun and his team HyperBot Studio are currently working on Lyra – a virtual reality playground where musicians can create visual symphonies without real world limitations. His team recently won 1st place in Leap Motion’s 3D Jam 2.0, winning US $10,000 and instantly gaining fame and recognition.

For the first time ever, you can jump into the music you’ve created and experience your masterpiece in a spectacular fashion. Users have called it “freaking genius” and “the future of music.”

Checkout Lyra

Powering Virtual Reality

“I needed a workstation that wasn’t loud to build VR experiences as well as for gaming and work because I do everything on the computer. You can use VR on any computer but you need high performance to make things less painful.”

Ultra High Performance

80 Plus Platinum Certified Modular Cable Designs

FreeForm Modular System

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