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Past Events

Computex 2016

February 7, 2016

Computex 2016

Computex is the busiest, noisiest, most colorful technology tradeshow in all of Asia. Each year thousands of computer companies, tech reporters, and visitors from all over the world descend onto Taipei, Taiwan to show off and see the latest and greatest PC innovations.

The surprise hit of Computex 2016  was at the Cooler Master booth. Thousands of guests gathered around to “Meet the Makers” – luminaries who used Cooler master computers to develop their Virtual Reality games, build and control robots, and design and print 3D object.

Para Parachute

Virtual Reality Sky Diving

There was nothing quite like it on the entire show floor. A parachute harness attached to a rig that was suspended 5 feet from the ground. In this full body VR experience, you are strapped into the harness while a VR headset is placed on your face, then your entire body is pulled up then dropped to simulate free fall. You’ll even feel the wind rushing past you thanks to powerful fans located at the base of the rig.

The crowds loved it. “It was an amazing experience,” said Eward Hage, Lead Programmer. “People were shaking and smiling. I felt proud.”

Team Rembrandts

The Boulder Launching Robot

It looked like one of those robot vacuum cleaners… except on steroids! You used a Xbox 360 controller to move the robot and suck up heavy grey balls to launch at large pipes propped against the wall to score points.

The robot was built by Team Rembrandts of the Netherlands to inspire people into getting into science and technology fields.

People at Computex were just amazed with the robot.

“Some wanted to know how to make it themselves,” said Luuk Voesten, A Mechanical Mentor. “That’s really nice you can accomplish that kind of thing. Just a simple robot.”

Lyra VR

Play With Your Music

One of the best things about Computex is being able to try out new technology you may otherwise not have been able to. For many visitors to Computex, this was their first time trying VR. And the game they got to play was Lyra, a virtual playground for musicians.
Using your hands, you select different sounds and place them in front of you to create music.

“It’s always fun to see someone try VR for the first time,” Said Dilun Ho, The Lead Programmer. “One of the media guys who tried Lyra was a former drummer. He said it just felt great making music like that.”

3D Printing

With Cloud the 3D Designer

Cloud is a 3D designer and printer based out of Taiwan. For computex, he 3D printed things like CPU air cooler covers and small figures. Visitors got a chance to get a keycap designed with their initials.

“This experience inspired me a lot,” Said Cloud. “I think this years computex really showed the soul of Cooler Master.”