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Two front teeth? There certainly has to be someone out there who smashed their front teeth accidentally after a fit of gamer rage. So this year…

No, sorry, Santa just can’t fix that. What he can fix, is your junky setup. You know, the one littered with trash and drink stains and components that you’ve collected like the local recycling center?

CM Santa just wants it to stop.

So he’s built a WHOLE SETUP. Not just a PC, but everything around it. Yes, even the desk. And he’ll give it to one person this holiday season.


This year, Santa has worked ahead to find the parts he thinks will work best in his PC setup.

So unlike last year, he’s not asking for a wishlist. He’s asking instead for a letter.

Here is the full list of parts that he used himself and will give to one lucky winner:


Here’s the amazing letter Ivan wrote last year. But this year is different! So pay attention.

CMSANTA IS NOT ASKING FOR A WISHLIST because he already has the parts. He is looking for a different kind of letter, albeit with the same qualities you can see in Ivan’s letter.

To win this year, you’ll need to use your creativity and sincerity to tell Santa:

  1. how you feel about PC setups
  2. why you really want one, and
  3. what you plan on doing with it

He’ll pick the final letter out by mid-January.

Submitting your Letter

  1. Take a picture and upload your letter on your Instagram or Twitter account.
  2. Tag #cmsanta2017 on the picture so it appears in our Xmas list feed.
  3. Like/follow the Cooler Master page on the social media you used to upload.
  4. Do the reindeer dance.

Santa will accept letters until Jan. 15. Someone’s Christmas wish will be granted mid-January, 2018.

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