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CES 2017

January 19, 2017

CES 2017

Las Vegas, NV – Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals showcases community activated concepts and a product line inspired by its innovation over the past 25 years. Cooler Master continues to propel toward a more modular and customizable future so no matter what you make or build, consumers are able to completely “make it yours” and fully express themselves throughout the process.

“We wanted to be innovative in producing products that our customers can make theirs by providing an array of customization options as a way to express who they are and what they like,”

Cooler Master has engaged with a variety of PC using communities including VR, robotics, modding, and 3D design in order to better understand consumer needs and wants to take their “make it yours” initiatives to the next level. Cooler Master is highlighting a number of custom-made parts by the community at CES such as a mini-ITX case with a built-in tablet and HDMI ports in the front, an augmented reality (AR) app allowing consumers to explore the interior layout of cases, and a 3D printing station showing off custom designs. For the modding station, Cooler Master is showcasing a vintage, hand-crafted headset based on the MasterPulse design. To save space and make transportation convenient, a robotics team developed a one-of-a-kind aluminum mounting rack for the MasterCase 5 that attaches directly to a tool chest. These are just a few results of Cooler Master’s engagement with the community.

Unique Power Supply: Made in Japan, Made to Last

To celebrate 25 years of continuous innovation, Cooler Master aimed at changing the way power supplies are designed, built, and made to develop the be-all and end-all of power supplies. Partnering with Murata, whose excellence in aerospace and robotics components are unmatched made this possible and the result was a quality redefined power supply: the MasterWatt Maker MIJ. Completely one-of-a-kind stacked transformer that cannot be found in any other power supply in the industry, the MIJ is 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in Japan.

Cooling: Brilliant Illumination Has Arrived

This year, Cooler Master brings more customization and lighting options to thermal solutions. Introducing liquid coolers with FlowOp technology and new patented dual-chamber pump design, Cooler Master puts in hands of consumers a comprehensive cooling machine that last longer, performs better, and requires virtually no maintenance. With the new MasterFan Pro RGB series and MasterLiquid Pro RGB series, consumers are able to light up their rig by switching between three color modes or choosing from the entire RGB color spectrum with optional RGB fan controller and software.

Make Your Gaming Experience

Cooler Master is focusing on allowing consumers to make their own gaming experiences by personalizing their headsets, keyboards, and mice. To accomplish this goal, they are introducing eco-system sets that will help you easily choose peripherals for specific purposes. At CES 2017, Cooler Master is highlighting customizable, professional, and ergonomic sets. The customizable set lives up to its name. Engravings, color variations, custom keycaps, vinyl wrappings, and different materials like titanium and carbon fiber are just some of the examples that will belong to the customizable sets. Their professional set includes straightforward, no frills gear that blends performance and style with focus on functionality. Ergonomics set will utilize smaller framed peripherals to keep your hands lined up with your shoulders, improving comfort and reducing fatigue.

Ever-Expanding FreeForm Modular System and Accessories

The FreeForm Modular System for the MasterCase series was introduced in 2015. For their 25th anniversary, Cooler Master is coming out strong with numerous new editions to upgrade the exterior outlook and interior layout rather than having to replace your case entirely as needs change over time. Vertical, Horizontal, and Expanded PCI SSD trays, Vertical Graphics Card Holder, and LED strips as well as an LED partition panel for the MasterCase Pro 3 are some of the accessories debuting later this year. The ever-expanding FreeForm Modular System will bring longevity while still providing the option to switch up the looks and function.

Cooler Master is all about the things that make building PCs a rewarding experience and the joy of creating something uniquely yours. Through their dedication and commitment to developing community inspired products over the past 25 years, Cooler Master has proven that they are pioneers in the industry and will continue to provide cutting-edge solutions in the years to come.