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Case Mod World Series – Vote To Win

May 12, 2017

Winners for the Case Mod World Series People’s Choice giveaway have been announced:

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. The final submissions of the Case Mod World Series 2017 are in! We have more than 100 spectacular mods for your viewing pleasure. Modders from all over the world have created glorious machines, the likes of which have never been seen before. Enter the Case Mod World Series 2017 Gallery and be amazed.

Once again, we will be featuring the People’s Choice Award. In many ways this is the most difficult prize to win. It’s about more than just modding quality and technique. A mod must not only be excellent but also appeal to the public to take home this prestigious award. While up to eight different modders can take prizes home in this year’s competition, only one will have the honor of saying the people liked his/her mod the best. That’s where you come in.

We charge you with the task of voting for your favorite mods. Just go to the gallery and click the mod(s) you like. Press the vote button fill in your details. You can vote for as many mods as you want up to one time each. The mod with most votes will be declared the people’s champion.

Every time you vote you will be entered win some amazing prizes from Cooler Master and our sponsors. Each vote grants you an additional chance to win. You can win parts such as a case, power supply, graphics card, motherboard, and even a Dremel rotary tool. Voting will be open from May11th to May 17th. So don’t miss out.

Make the Choice. Make It Cooler Master. Make It Yours.



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