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Maker Made, Modder

Brian Farrell

October 4, 2016


Brian Farrell is a quiet giant in the world of modding. He was there when the community existed only in small pockets and forums on the edge of the computing universe.

After learning the craft entirely by himself – in the dark era before YouTube and the internet – he has been behind the custom designs of some of the biggest names in the business. Richard Surroz, Brian Carter, Asus, and Maingear PC are just part of the list of partners Brian has been involved with as the founder and owner of Primochill.

He and his team continue to innovate and create parts and tools not to draw the spotlight, but to help “modders and users make something that they can be proud of.”

Maker Made

Embracing a vision that every person’s PC should be unique, our made by makers accessories are the next step in a fundamental reimagining of our relationship with fans and supporters.

We realize people want to express themselves in all things they make and do. That’s why we’ve collaborated with industry veterans and case modding masters to bring custom made accessories – giving you greater choice and control over your components and case.

Candy Red/TX Matte black

Candy Red/TX Matte black