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All-in-One Liquid Cooler

April 25, 2017

Heavy industry has blasted giant machines with water for decades. Running wet stuff millimeters away from your PC electronics, however, sounds about as tempting as jumping into a lake with a live wire. There needed to be heavy equipment to justify the leap.

All-in-One Liquid Cooler

written by: Eric Canzano

AMD’s 1GHz Athlon processor in 2000, followed by 64-bit based consumer microprocessors in 2003, justified that leap. The benefits of the expanded architecture were felt widely as a generation of high-end creative software applications for everything from 3D design to film began to spread (and still exists). Liquid, however, was still a DIY kit, a couple of soda bottles and a pair of snorkels away from really being accessible.

World's first AIO Cooler

The simple idea came along of putting everything together, all-in-one. With a few screws, you’ve just reduced your assembly time from hours to minutes. The Aquagate Mini came out as the first of its kind in the world, and the liquid cooling craze was born.