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Everything down to the PC itself should be yours too. Step into the space where PC building becomes an art, with instruction and inspiration from every corner of the world.

Virtual Reality

See the latest as we work with developers and programmers to power the massively growing world of virtual and augmented reality.


Through mentorship and teamwork, we are engaging with engineers and students to develop the next generation of leaders. See our sponsored FIRST teams and how we are supporting everything from small projects to full-scale competitions.

3D Design

Our first industrial revolution started with modern manufacturing, and the second is happening now. 3D printing is poised to unlock the potential in every person to become their own designer and manufacturer.

25th Anniversary Campaigns

If you feel the PC is as important as we do, then don’t just sit there nodding your head. Get yourself out there and join a whole year of games, sweepstakes and prizes as we celebrate the magical morphation of the PC from a beige calculator box to a sandblasted fountain pouring out entertainment and memories.

Maker MeetUps

Cooler Master is about fueling the growing worldwide passion to make and create - to grow your maker spirit. That's why we're holding Maker Meetups all over the world. Join a community that shares your passion, grow together, and then make it your own.

Hall of Fame

If there was a PC hardware Hall-of-fame, which Cooler Master product would make the cut?

Build Your Own with Cooler Master

Maker Made

Make your PC unique with custom-made accessories straight from the experts