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25 Years of Win

The World's First...
Expensive PC Case

You know the aluminum look that has characterized Apple’s laptops for nearly a decade? Yeah, we created that look.

All-in-One Liquid Cooler

The Aquagate Mini came out as the first of its kind in the world, and the liquid cooling craze was born.

Laptop Cooling Stand

When the world’s first laptop cooler -- the Coolpad -- came out, skeptics were everywhere. Did laptops really need an external cooler?

Ten Years Of The Ultra Tower

Each Cosmos model defined its legacy on three things: design unseen in any other case, size to fit any build, and functionality PC builders like to dream about.

  • Cosmos C700P

    On the 10th year anniversary of the Cosmos line, here is the next chapter.

    Expect everything from the finish to the building experience to feel new and premium. Curved glass panes, recessed RGB lighting and aluminum materials come together with an inside that integrates more modular technology from our concept case – MasterConcept 2.0 – than any other case to date.This case is open and ready for your biggest and wildest PC building dreams.

    This case is open and ready for your biggest and wildest PC building dreams.

  • Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition

    You know what they say, “Don’t change what isn’t broken.” To celebrate our 25th year as a company and 10 years of the Cosmos, we’ve chosen the most frequent suggestions of the community and added them to a limited edition of the Cosmos II. Yes, those are curved, tempered glass side panels.

  • Cosmos II

    It ended up as the case for Dream Machine in Maximum PC again, this time for 2012. “Even today (2013), I am still seeing modded versions of this chassis daily in social media, and I think while it’s a huge case, it will always have a spot in a lot of PC users hearts.” – Chad Sebring, Tweak Town

  • Cosmos S

    Keeping the original look of the successful first edition case, the “Sport” case worked on incorporating more air flow into the frame. “The Cooler Master Cosmos S is without doubt one of the most well thought out cases I have ever encountered.” – James Napier,

  • Cosmos 1000

    It’s completely original style earned this case the rare title of “Dream PC 2007” in Maximum PC. “If you looked at the case market at the time, everything was about mesh. Mesh was good for air flow but allowed for too much noise. We were thinking of a way to marry these polar opposites – silence and air flow – into a case that could bring performance and still look elegant.” – Zac Chen, designer of the original Cosmos 1000

Join in on the fun

If you feel the PC is as important as we do, then don’t just sit there nodding your head. Get yourself out there and join a whole year of games, sweepstakes and prizes as we celebrate the magical morphation of the PC from a beige calculator box to a sandblasted fountain pouring out entertainment and memories.

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25 Years of Cooler Master

In 25 years, Cooler Master has helped push the PC from a beige calculator box to a chiseled and sandblasted fountain pouring out games, movies, and memories. For the moment when your Dremel bit for the first time into your Compaq; when your friends walked in blinded by your aluminum PC shining like a piece of plated armor; when you sandwiched that first air cooler onto your CPU and maxed out your settings on Crysis; when you turned down the lights, sat back, and basked in the soft glow emanating from your “workstation” – we’ve been quietly working to give you deeper, smoother, uninterrupted experiences.

Share your memories with all of us, so we can make new ones. Here’s to the old and new wonders of the PC!

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