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Poll: What Tools do you Need to Succeed?

December 28, 2016

Up Your Modding Arsenal

Building a PC doesn’t require too much in the way of tool. With a single normal/average sized Phillips head screwdriver, a small Phillips head screwdriver, and an optional grounding strip for good measure you can build just about any PC no matter what the specs are. But modding a PC can require a much longer and more complicated list of tools depending on the caliber, quality, and scope of the mod.

Different modders use different tools and styles to make their ideas a reality. But which tools are a necessity? Let us know which tools you as a modder can’t live without.

Make the choice . . .

Vote for the tool you think is most important for modding. Don’t see your choice? Vote other and write it in the comments section.

Which tool do you need the most for modding?

  • Powerdrill for me!
    Wish it had multiple options 🙂

    • Raymen Wu

      Too many choices!

  • Mike Petereyns

    A good marker and puncture tool to ensure measurements…

    • Raymen Wu

      Yeah, that’s a good point

  • Mickee Boy Lacerna

    Other because I love Vinyl cutter for making custom decals.

    • Raymen Wu

      Another good one

  • Dave Cathey

    Everything I do involves a marker or pen at some point, but I know a lot of people who would say the most important tool is the one on your shoulders.

    • Raymen Wu

      Yes yes, totally!

  • ZenModz

    I was going to say Rotary Saw, But most of whats in the list is important for modding. So I have to say Other.

  • FILES! I good hand file is the key to modding 🙂

  • Frenk Janse

    Dremel. No substitutes.