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December 16, 2016


Acrylic: Hole Saw

When working with acrylic you will quickly find that not all acrylic is created equally. Without going in-depth into types of acrylic, I will simply comment that different forms of acrylic can be easier to work with, and in turn yield better results.

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Metal Fabrication

I’ve had many comments saying I wish I had a CNC Machine to make stuff like that. I wish I did too! Out of necessity and stubbornness I have learned to make a lot of things with basic hand tools.

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Power Supply Jumper

This trick is nothing new, but it is a much elegant approach than the classic, “Jam a paper clip into the green line and ground line to jolt the PSU!” What exactly am I talking about? Well that’s simple my friends!

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Better Airflow for your case

No one builds PC cases like Red Harbinger. Don’t take it from us - have a look for yourself. Even calling them mere cases seems understated, almost disrespectful. They’re more like thrones upon which your components can regard the rest of the world’s rigs with detached pity. But that doesn’t mean that they’re hands-off affairs.

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