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I am always looking for ways to break through technical limitations and create a piece of art.

Yu-Kai Tai

When I first started, I would upload my 3D files and just stand there hypnotized as the 3D printer made my model

3D Printing



MasterPulse Over Ear

Imagine Bass FX as being an easy to use voice changer for your ears. When the panels are removed, sound opens up and the quality of lower frequencies is significantly enhanced. This can be seen, or heard, by the noticeably enriched bass tones. When the panels are on, the MasterPulse will provide you with clear and balanced sound at normal bass levels.


Fred's 3D Designs


MasterCase Maker 5

Have an awesome idea, and the ability to express them in everything you make or do? Download the 3D-graphic file for external modularity to customize and accessorize. (STP files available for download).


MasterAir Maker 8 Cover

We know the community also has some awesome ideas, and the ability to express them in everything you make or do. So with that in mind, we’re set to release the 3D printing schematics of the top.

Want to 3D print a creative design or image on the top cover? Go for it. Or what about creating a LED light fixture or 3D model that protrudes out of the air cooler like alien?? Well if you can design it and actually fit it onto the cooler, then why not? 3D print to your heart’s content and make the MasterAir Maker 8 truly yours.


MasterMouse Pro L Custom Grip

Two top covers combined with two pairs of easy to switch, magnetic side panels allow for several grip configurations.

Experiment together with sensor settings and discover the fit that works best for you. Or tailor your grip to each game you play and the DPI levels you are using, ensuring maximum performance. Whether you’re sniping from a mile away or swinging a battle axe at close range, the MasterMouse Pro L has a grip for every situation.

Top Cover

  •  L (130 mm, Palm grip)- L (130 mm, Palm grip)- L (130 mm, Palm Grip)- L (130 mm, Palm grip)
  • M (125 mm, Claw grip)

Side Panels

  • UV coated (Smooth grip)- UV coated (Smooth grip)- UV coated (Smooth grip)- UV coated (Smooth grip)
  • Textured surface (Firmer grip)