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25 Years of Win

If you feel the PC is as important as we do, then don’t just sit there nodding your head. Get yourself out there and join a whole year of games, sweepstakes and prizes as we celebrate the magical morphation of the PC from a beige calculator box to a sandblasted fountain pouring out entertainment and memories.

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Snap The Past

We have a winner! Check out if you have won our cool prizes.

March 20 - May 2

You vs The Guy

One Cooler Master fan this year is going to have the chance to romp around with us in Taipei at COMPUTEX 2017. You’ll have a chance to create and be in our videos, photos and social media.


25 Years of Cooler Master

In 25 years, Cooler Master has helped push the PC from a beige calculator box to a chiseled and sandblasted fountain pouring out games, movies, and memories. For the moment when your Dremel bit for the first time into your Compaq; when your friends walked in blinded by your aluminum PC shining like a piece of plated armor; when you sandwiched that first air cooler onto your CPU and maxed out your settings on Crysis; when you turned down the lights, sat back, and basked in the soft glow emanating from your “workstation” – we’ve been quietly working to give you deeper, smoother, uninterrupted experiences.

Share your memories with all of us, so we can make new ones. Here’s to the old and new wonders of the PC!

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