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Everything down to the PC itself should be yours too. Step into the space where PC building becomes an art, with instruction and inspiration from every corner of the world.

Virtual Reality

See the latest as we work with developers and programmers to power the massively growing world of virtual and augmented reality.


Through mentorship and teamwork, we are engaging with engineers and students to develop the next generation of leaders. See our sponsored FIRST teams and how we are supporting everything from small projects to full-scale competitions.


I’m encouraging other people to do so as well. If you don’t create stuff, and you just consume. You slowly become less. When you create stuff, you become alive.

Dave Cooper - Game Designer

Build Your Own with Cooler Master

Puzzle Mod

Anyone can be a modder and anything can be modded. To celebrate modders of all types, we’ve created a miniature, wood version of the MasterCase 5 that can be assembled like a puzzle. Join us as we discover all the different ways that modders can use their creative talents to make the Puzzle Mod more impressive than it already is.

Maker MeetUps

Cooler Master is about fueling the growing worldwide passion to make and create - to grow your maker spirit. That's why we're holding Maker Meetups all over the world. Join a community that shares your passion, grow together, and then make it your own.

Custom Lighting

Deck out your peripheral lighting effects with profiles created by the community. Or do it yourself, if you have your own ideas. Just don't be fussy about sharing it.

Maker Made

Make your PC unique with custom-made accessories straight from the experts